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Riding experience
Riding experience

Most important is the riding experience. The feeling of riding through town, almost without the burden of a means of transport. That′s also why the very first motorized scooter in 1915 was called an AutoPed (Automatic Pedestrian). The Trikelet aims to reach this goal, but with twenty-first century technology.

Easy folding
Easy folding

Riding the Trikelet is very easy. Just step on it and ride. It is electrically driven, so you do not have to kick scooter. Folding is also easy. You do not have to lift or turn the Trikelet. Just pull the handles to unlock and bring it to the folded position.


The regulations concerning these type of vehicles differ per country. In Belgium these type of vehicles are allowed on public roads, when the maximum speed is below 18 km/hour. In The Netherlands they are subjected to regulations and have to have a liability insurance. In Germany the rider has to have a MOFA drivers license and in the USA the regulations differ per state.

The Trikelet has a lot to offer. Here are some unique features of the Trikelet:

Can be pulled as a trolley

Only has to be lifted sporadically

Comfortable ride

No sweat

Easy folding

Folds without lifting or turning

No theft hazard

Easily taken along, inside and outside

Public transport

Fits in most luggage compartments of train, subway or bus

Luggage space

Has a place to put your bag when riding it

Very small when folded

Less than half the size of the average folding bike

Clean at the outside

The soiled wheels fold to the inside and dripping water is collected, so the Trikelet does not soil your cloths or your house

The specifications below are projected specs, since the product development is not yet finalised.

  • Dimensions unfolded: 1290 x 370 x 1100 mm = 51 x 15 x 43 inch (LxWxH)
  • Dimensions folded: 690 x 370 x 340 mm = 27 x 15 x 13 inch (LxWxH)
  • Weight: around 15 kg.
  • Tire size: front 8.5 inch and rear 8 inch air filled tires.
  • Retail price: around 1300 € (around 1400 US$) incl. VAT
  • Electrically driven. No kick scooting necessary
  • Range: 15 to 20 km (9 to 12 miles); depending on the circumstances
  • Maximum speed: 20 km/hour (12 miles/hour)
  • Electricity costs: about 0.40 euro (0.4 $) per 100 km
  • Electricity consumption: around 1 kWh per 70 km (CO2 emission compensated). Motor power: 700 W

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